Roman Soldier Costume

If you want to make an impact on the party, and make people stand at attention, arrive all decked out in a Roman Soldier Costume

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Roman soldier costumeDo you have what it takes this Halloween to live the life of a Roman soldier? You will certainly have all that you need to make it a reality when you choose any one of these spectacular roman soldier costumes.

After all, a Roman soldier had a grueling life that constantly consisted of training and battle. Not only did this soldier have to possess a heart of steel, but he had to be strong and determined. The weight of his armor put great strain upon his body. He had to be agile and swift in order to wield his sword with accuracy, and at the same time know how and when to use his shield. So prepare yourself for Rome and for battle this Halloween and become a conqueror!

Roman Soldier Costume

Without a doubt the most effective military unit of its time, the Roman soldier was unbeatable. If you attacked Rome, prepare to be trampled! While most other civilizations lacked a military, instead rousing any able body to join a leader to fight, regardless of background, the Roman legion consisted of highly trained, organized and disciplined soldiers. More importantly, they were career soldiers – they did nothing else but train for battle.

This Roman soldier costume is most certainly an impressive sight to see. With gold shin and wrist guards contrasted against the strength of the front and back breast plates, you are ready to do battle, and win. With a plumed helmet (likely a black feather, not red) and your chin held up high when you enter the party, you can be sure heads will turn!

Roman centurion costumeRoman Centurion Adult Costume

With the look of leather and the shine of braid and coins, and the masculinity of the tunic and cape, this costume is going to bring out the centurion strength in you that you didn’t know you had!

You can bet that the noble lady or patroness at your side for this upcoming party is going to be much impressed. Better keep an eye out those in case any of those Greek goddesses show up at the party and put their eye on you!

Comes with vinyl breastplate made to look like leather, and decorated with braids and coins. It also includes a quality polyester tunic, cape and boot spats. All you need is a helmet, sword and shoes.

Roman 5 Piece Armour Set

Roman armor setGoing to battle? Time to don your armor! This set of heavy duty plastic armor will not only protect you, it will make you gleam on the battlefield (otherwise known as a costume party!)

The ensemble includes a helmet with plume feathers, chest plate, back piece, shield and vinyl skirt. All you need is a tunic, cape, sword and sandals, and you’re ready to protect your Roman goddess!

Gladiator Child/Teen Costume
Sizes: 4-6 years, 7-12, 12-14 years

Child gladiator armor costumeAny youngster who wants to show they are the boss this Halloween can do no better than as a Gladiator.

Gladiators were the rock stars of the ancient world, and hold the record for being the most elite warrior to do battle in the Roman Arena. When it comes to bravery and strength, one can pit a gladiator against any of the super heroes of today and come out holding their own.

This costume will bring out every muscle that your young soldier possesses. Then his prestige and honour will be well displayed with the silver vest, helmet and boot tops. Be prepared to page homage to the little gladiator of your home! Made of hand washable polyester.

Soldiering Equipment and Accessories

No centurion would ever dream of sending his legion of Roman Soldiers into battle without the proper battle gear and armour! let’s take a look at what you’ll need:

Helmet (galea): Not just for pomp and show. The Roman helmet, usually made of brass, existed not only to protect from blows to the head, but it could also very well protect the wearer from becoming beheaded due to the mighty swing of a Barbarian axe!

Roman Helmet
Chest Plate: Most often made with a variety of materials such as iron strips and leather. It had to be uniquely designed for each soldier to allow them the freedom of movement. Although heavy, he still had to be able to display agility.

Roman armor chest plate
Shield (scutum): A large, rectangular and curved shield made of reinforced strips of wood covered with canvas or leather, and painted with the unit’s emblem. Carried with the left hand and something no soldier would dream of going into battle without!

Roman Republic Shield
Sword (gladius): A double-sided short sword, used for stabbing. Worn high upon the right side of his body within easy grasp when the occasion called for its use. The Romans preferred stabbing, as a thrust can more easily penetrate armor for the killing blow over the slash of a long sword or battle axe.

Roman Gladius Short Sword

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