Roman Helmets

roman helmetAny good Roman costume with armor must have a suitable helmet which will not only complete the costume, but will also enhance its beauty. However, the types of Roman helmets varied significantly along time, so before venturing into purchasing one or another Roman helmet for your costume take a look at the several types of existing Roman helmets.

Early Montefortino Helmet

Roman Republican helmetThe type of helmet used by the soldiers of the Republic was the Montefortino helmet, a plain, round shaped piece of protective headware with a “pinecone” knob on its top (think of a baseball cap with a very pronounced button on top.) It is believed that the Romans were inspired by the Celts in designing this type of helmet. The models which have been preserved until modern time have no cheek guards, so archeologists suspect they may have been of leather.

If you want a simple helmet that will turn heads, or to match your Republican soldier’s costume, a Montefino style helmet with a crest inserted in the pinecone knob will work great for you.

To Make a Cheap Republican Helmet:

Buy an oversize baseball hat and cut the visor to about an inch from the hat. Buy a plain drawer knob from any hardware store and glue it to the top. Spray-paint everything metallic. Done!

roman gallic helmetImperial Gallic and Italic Helmets

If you are looking for the most recognizable of Roman helmets, the imperial Gallic helmet is the way to go. With so many shapes and styles, you’ll definitely find a Roman helmet that’s right for you! Historically, the Gallic was a finely crafted, high-quality piece of headwear built by craftsmen in France (Gaul), while Italic were mass-produced, cheaper and used by regular soldiers.

Those looking for the distinctive red crests will find it in the centurion’s helmet – the commander of a “century,” or a unit of 100 men (actually, closer to 80.) Centurions were usually veteran soldiers who rose through the ranks to become leader, or the son of a senator or other wealthy or high-ranking individual.

gladiator helmetWith multiple decorations, large crests and metallic cheeks, these helmets catch your eye instantaneously, so if you want something that will instantly draw attention, this high Imperial type of helmet is the one you should go for.

Gladiator Helmets

If you are a fan of gladiators, then you will know the fantastic array of weapons, armor and helmets they wore. While there are many distinctive styles, probably the most spectacular, menacing and recognizable would be one with a caged faceplate. Be a gladiator and salute your opponent, for one of you will likely die before the fight is over!

Helmets are great accessories for your Roman costume. With a colorful crest and your head up high, there will be no soldier brave and good looking enough to be your rival!


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